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Quality Hooks
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Our vision

Our vision is to find the best hooks what world has to offer. Our hooks are manufactured with highest standards so we are able to offer only the best for our customers.


Our products

We have high quality hooks for salmon fishing.


Dealership program

Our dealer program is fair and simple. Get more information about dealership on our dealership page.

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Tube fly hooks

We have three excellent choice for tube fly fishing


Treble 2x

Packaging: 25 pcs. & 100 pcs.
Available in sizes #6 & #8

Treble 2x is a strong and sharp hook. It is used with tube flies for salmon & seatrout. This hook has round eye so it can be used on wobblers and spoon too. San Ni



Packaking: 25 pcs.
Available in sizes 12 mm, 10 mm & 8 mm (Gape)

The Ichi single hooks are true Japanese steel! These strong single hooks are designed to use with tubeflies. Ichi is our premium hook for heavy duty salmon and seatrout fishing.



Packaking: 25 pcs.
Sizes: 10 mm & 8 mm (Gape)

Rukkanen as the name suggests, is a workhorse for heavy duty salmon fishing. Rukkanen is not the best looking hook in town neither the sharpest one. What it is, it is affortable, hard working hook whitch eventually gets the work done.


Dealership program

Our dealer program is simple